This project is a collaboration between award-winning animators, VR filmmakers, and experienced developers and artists.

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Manhole as a project invites collaborative contributions by all those who wish to participate in initiating social change on the issue of manual scavenging. Reach out to us.

Core Team


Art Team

Shubhankar Bhingare : Concept Artist
Yaman Upadhyay : Modeling Supervisor
Rhythm Aggarwal : Modeling Artist
Jatin Kashyap : Modeling Artist
Ravi Sah : Modeling Artist
Ravi Saini : Texture Artist
Deepak Singh : Texture artist
Siddharth Vajpai : Texture artist
Neilmani Sharma : CG Supervisor
Henna Chawla : Manager

Animation Team

Moumita Das : Character Animation
Neel Madhu (Apple Arts Studios) : Mocap Data Cleanup
Gokul C J : Character (Creature) Animation
Ujas Goswami : Animation Consultant
Ravi Rao : Animation Consultant

Music Team

Bimal Thankachan : Original sound Track & Theme Song
Tanmay Kashyap : Teaser Rap Song

Pre-Production Team

Anish Sebastian : Character Animator (Animatic)
Arun Babu : 3D Space Designer
Piyush Priyadarshi : Production Consultant
Yogini Mukund Oke : Story Consultant
Shivam Kumar : Intern Student
Dr. Mukund Oke : Opening Music