This project is a collaboration between award-winning animators, VR filmmakers, and experienced developers and artists.

Supported by

The short film was supported by Epic Games.

Manhole Collective invites collaborations and contributions by all who wish to participate in initiating social change on the issues connected to manual scavenging. Reach out to us.

Core Team


Art Team

Shubhankar Bhingare : Concept Artist

(Deckor Team)
Neilmani Sharma : CG Supervisor
Yaman Upadhyay : Modeling Supervisor
Rhythm Aggarwal : Modeling Artist
Jatin Kashyap : Modeling Artist
Ravi Sah : Modeling Artist
Ravi Saini : Texture Artist
Deepak Singh : Texture artist
Siddharth Vajpai : Texture artist
Henna Chawla : Manager                   .

Animation Team

Gokul C J : Creature (Billu) Animation
Srivatsav Cheruku : Additional Character Animation
      & Secondary Mo-Cap Cleanup
Sai Kiran Lavudiya : Secondary Mo-Cap Cleanup
Ravi Rao : Animation Consultant

Music Team

Bimal Thankachan : Original Music & Theme Song
Tanmay Kashyap : Teaser Rap Song
Dr. Mukund Oke : Opening Song

Voice Team

Ashish Singh : Voice of Amitabh
Abhishek Singh : Voice of Bunty
Arun Singh : Voice of Uncle

Motion Capture Team

ABAI Centre of Excellence, Bengaluru

Face Capture Team

Harsh Raj : Face-Cap Actor (Amitabh & Uncle)
      & Mo-Cap Reference Actor (Amitabh)
Kumar Saurabh : Face-Cap Actor (Bunty)
      & Mo-Cap Reference Actor (Bunty)
Neeraj Mishra : Mo-Cap Reference Actor (Uncle)

Mo-Cap Cleanup Team

(Apple Arts Studios)

Neel Madhu : Mo-Cap supervisor
Venkat Reddy : Mo-Cap Tech Lead
Karthik Ankamalla : Mo-Cap Quality Analist
Srikanth Arvapally : Senior Mo-Cap Artist
Prasad Itharaju : Senior Mo-Cap Artist
Vikram Ediga : Senior Mo-Cap Artist
Akhil Bharatha : Mo-Cap Artist
Murali Krishna Gorla : Mo-Cap Artist
Rajesh Panugothu : Mo-Cap Artist
Mohan Sai Andoju : Mo-Cap Artist
Uday Aldas : Mo-Cap Artist
Sai Shiva Bonagiri : Mo-Cap Artist
Sai Ganesh Bijigiri : Mo-Cap Artist

Pre-Production Team

Anish Sebastian : Character Animator (Animatic)
Arun Babu : 3D Space Designer
Piyush Priyadarshi : Production Consultant
Yogini Mukund Oke : Story Consultant
Shivam Kumar : Intern Student